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Thread: The Integral Test for infinite series

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    The Integral Test for infinite series

    Integral test: if f is continuous(?), decreasing, and POSITIVE on [n,∞), then

    ∑ f(k) converges if and only if

    ∫ f(x) dx converges.

    To apply the integral test, does f have to be continuous? In my first year calculus text book, the integral test is as stated above; f is assumed to be continuous. But in my other textbook, there is no such assumption. The same for wikipedia (, it looks like there is no assumption of continuity in the integral come?? Is it wrong?? Or maybe there is a typo?

    What is the correct statement of the integral test? Do we need to assume continuity?

    Also, I was thinking of applying integral test to determine the convergence/divergence of

    ∑ 1 / [n log n log(log n)]
    Let f(x)=1 / [x log x log(log x)]
    Then f(2)<0, but the integral test requires f to be positive so I think I should start the integral at 3 and look at

    ∫ f(x) dx.
    But for improper integrals,

    ∫ f(x) dx
    Does the value of "k" here have any effect on the convergence/divergence of the improper integral?

    Is it ever possible that, for example,

    ∫ f(x) dx converges

    ∫ f(x) dx diverges ?

    Thank you for clarifying!

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    Calm. Think it through.

    f(k) can't be continuous.

    f(x) must be integrable - Riemann Integrable.

    Does that say anything about continuity?
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