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Thread: 10 points for a FULL explaination and answer to this vector question. Urgent?

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    Feb 2010

    Full explaination and answer to this trigonometric question

    A ship sailing due north at a speed of 20km/h observes another ship which appears, to those on the first ship, to be travelling north-west at 10km/h. Draw a diagram and find the true speed and direction of motion of the second ship.

    This is the explanation that I have been given and that I do not fully understand

    Let the 1st ship be A the second ship be B and
    ship B is actually travelling at v km/h in the direction
    of N x* W. Then
    v=25.3263 km/h approximately.
    So the second ship (B) is travelling at 25.3263 km/h
    in the direction N 16*12'44.5" W.
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