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Thread: velocity problem

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    Feb 2010

    velocity problem

    A ft ladder leans against a wall. The bottom of the ladder is ft from the wall at time and slides away from the wall at a rate of .
    Find the velocity of the top of the ladder at time .

    The velocity of ladder at time is ______ ft/s
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    Oct 2008
    Related rates usually depend on the chain rule, so you might want to try filling up this pattern...

    ... where straight continuous lines differentiate downwards (integrate up) with respect to the main variable (in this case time), and the straight dashed line similarly but with respect to the dashed balloon expression (the inner function of the composite which is subject to the chain rule).

    So use pythag...


    E.g., for t = 2...


    Don't integrate - balloontegrate!

    Balloon Calculus: Standard Integrals, Derivatives and Methods

    Balloon Calculus Drawing with LaTeX and Asymptote!
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