This is the n-body formula found at wikipedia:

$\displaystyle m_j \ddot{\mathbf{q}}_j = G \sum\limits_{k\neq j } \frac{m_j m_k(\mathbf{q}_k-\mathbf{q}_j)}{|\mathbf{q}_k-\mathbf{q}_j|^3}, j=1,\ldots,n \qquad $

The variables are defined as follows:

where $\displaystyle m_1,m_2,\ldots m_n$ are constants representing the masses of ''n'' point-masses, $\displaystyle q_1,q_2,\ldots,q_n$ are 3-dimensional vector functions of the time variable ''t''

My main question is whether the "q" variables, defined as the "3-dimensional vector functions of the time variable ''t''" are position variables or velocity variables. It looks like we're talking about a velocity but I am not totally sure.