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Thread: Work..please help.

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    Jan 2010

    Work..please help.

    3. Electrons repel each other with a force which is inversely proportional to the
    square of the distance between them; call the proportionality constant k in the
    units to be used. Suppose one electron is fixed at x=0 on the x−axis.

    Find the work done in moving the second electron along the x-axis from the point x=M to x=1.

    Is is just integral from 1 to M of k/d^2 dx where d=M-1 or is this wrong?
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    Aug 2007
    1 to M or M to 1? Make up your mind which way it is going.

    Work = Force * Distance

    Incremental Work = Instantaneous Force * $\displaystyle \Delta$Distance

    I think you have it.
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