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Thread: word problem; oil consumption

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    Feb 2009

    word problem; oil consumption

    please help; i tried to do the riemmans rule, integrate it, trapezoid rule and i cant seem to get the answer.

    A diesel generator run continuously consuming oil at a gradually increasing rate until it must be temporarily shut dow to have the filter replaced.

    Oil consumption rate on each of the day during the week: (liters per hour)

    Sun: .019
    Mon: .020
    Tue: .021
    Wed: .023
    Thur: .025
    Frida: .028
    Satu: .031
    Sun: .035

    a.) Give an upper estimate and lower estimate for the amount of oil consumed during that week

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    Aug 2007
    Please demonstrate your efforts. What did you get for the lower bound?
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