$\displaystyle f(x|s,v,N) =\frac{(1-x)^{2Nv-1} (x)^{2Nv-1} exp(2Nsx)}{\int_0^1 (1-x)^{2Nv-1} (x)^{2Nv-1} exp(2Nsx) dx}$

so i asked something similar before but i now know exactly what i want

this function is determined for a value of x, given s,v, and N

these variables vary from

x: 0->1
v = 10^-3
N: 1->10,000

my problem is that when the value of N is very big MATLAB can not evaluate the exponent (maximum value allowed in matlab is of the order 10^308)

so i need to scale this function down, but have no clue where to to start or if it is indeed possible.

also is there a substitution i can do to take logs

just to be clear i can evaluate this function for x but the problem is large values in the exponent

many thanks