Hi all, Please help guys, I have been at this for hours and still have so much to do.

This is a torsion question but in mathemtical terms can any one solve for value of x???

I keep getting 59.997 but its not right, have taken as far as i can :

Working from:

x : 75x10^6 = 1.57079 (12960000-x^4) 80000 0.33333

We have:


I need a value for x. for those with engineering math the original equation is:

T = pi/2*(R1^4-R2^4) * G * Theta/Length

T = 75x10^6

R1 = 60mm

G = 80x10^3

Theta = 1.5 Degrees

Length = 4.5

Need to Find R2

75x10^6 = pi/2 * (60^4 - R2^4) * 80x10^3 * 1.5/4.5

Thanks guys