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Thread: Parametric lines/intersections

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    Dec 2009

    Question Parametric lines/intersections

    "Study parametrically the intersection of the graph of YC = $\displaystyle (x^2-3x+2)/(x+2)$ and the parametric line YL = $\displaystyle mx-1$ where m is an element of the real number system."

    I know what a parametric equation is and how to solve one, but I don't know what studying parametrically means, or how to go about doing it. Can somebody please help me with this? I just need to be pointed in the right direction so I can solve it myself.

    This is the second part of a four-part problem. The third part is to "find the independent relations of the parameter m between the x-coordinate of the points of intersection" and the fourth part is to "graph the obtained independent relations; let $\displaystyle (x'->x$, and $\displaystyle x''->y)$. I don't know what those mean, either -embarrassed-

    The first part was to graph $\displaystyle (x^2-3x+2)/(x+2)$ using critical points and asymptotes (I have solved this part of the problem already).
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