expand by partial fractions:


ok I initially used the quadratic formula to get the two roots for the denominator
these being
(s+6/5+12i/5)(s+6/5-12i/5) i.e complex numbers

so now the partial fractions looks like this:

2(s+5)/(s+6/5+12i/5)(s+6/5-12i/5) = A/(s+6/5+12i/5)+B/(s+6/5-12i/5)

solving for B I get 1-19/12i which when multiplied by i/i = 1+19i/12 and A is the conjugate I believe, therefore A=1-19i/12

now the partial fraction looks like this

does this look right so far? If so how should I proceed in simplifying the terms?