Hi, I'm new to the forum. This is for Calculus II.

I have 2 problems and I did work for them but I don't know where to take them and how to finish them.

1. xdy - ydx - the radical of (x^2 - y^2)dx = 0

I substituted y for vx and the derivative the same way, simplified as much as possible, and then got the dv and dx on separate sides and came to:

x^2dv = the radical of (x^2 - v^2(dx^2) - 2xvdvdx - x^2(dv^2))dx

Where do I go?

2. (2x + 3y)dx + (y - x)dy = 0

I used the same method as number 1 and got to where I can integrate both sides and I got to this:

ln lxl = The integral of (((1 - v)dv)/(2 + 2v + v^2))

Again, where do I go?