Hi I am feeling semiconfident about this set of questions but if someone could give it a once over I would appreciate it. There are 3 parts

Evaluate the following integrals


definite integral sign (I will use "S") tan u^2 dx
my answer: = tan u - u + C


S b=2;a=1 ((y+ 5y^7)/(y^3)) dy = S b=2;a=1 y^-2 + 5y^4

= ((-1/y)+ (y^5)) b=2; a=1
= (-(1/2) + 32)) - (-1 +1)
= 31.5

S b= 3pi/2; a=0 lcos xl dx = S b= 3pi/2; a= 0 lsin xl
= lsin (3pi/2)l - lsin 0l
= l sin 3pi/2 l

Hopefully I am right in my logic - and if I am not you can point me in the right direction.