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    I don't understand ArcTan. I know it's not just Cotangent, but what is it? How would I solve for, say, ArcTan(Pi/6)? How do I 'set up the triangle' as it were?
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    arctangent is like arccosine and arcsine.

    It's called arc because of the unit circle but there's another name for it I forget what it's like anti ___ I think.

    Anyway say I have a number like:

    sin (\frac{\pi}{6})=\frac{1}{2} right?

    So arcsin (\frac{1}{2}) = \frac{\pi}{6}

    Arctangent is the same:

    say I'm looking at:



    It's just the opposite of what tangent does, you stuff an angle into tangent, and you get a ratio. For arctan/arcsin/arcos you stuff the ratio and it spits out the angle for that ratio.
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