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Thread: Last One I Promise: complex numbers again

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    [Solved] Last One I Promise: complex numbers again

    Yay! I did it!

    This is my last post... for tonight

    e = belongs to

    Let z,w e C be such that z = a + bi and w = c + di, with a, b, c, d e R.
    Define z < w <=> { a < c or a = c but b < d

    Prove that < defined above is an order on the set C (this type of order is called a dictionary/lexicographic order).

    So... I don't even understand the problem even... I don't get what I'm trying to prove really or how I would even start. Any help would be lovely

    Thanks in advanced!!

    Now to go stare at my problems and hope some magic happens in this brains of mine...

    - Nicole
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