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Thread: lots of programs for a ti-83, ti-83 plus and ti-84

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    Oct 2008

    Thumbs up lots of programs for a ti-83, ti-83 plus and ti-84

    hey my first program im going to post here is caled A couse i did not know what to name it its a program when the user plays it it will give them the whrong ancers fun to prank friends(Nod).
    name it what ever
    it goes like this

    :While 1
    :Input "",A
    :Disp A (multiply by)3 (i tiped multiplyed becouse i dont
    :End know how to make
    the simbol)

    so thets the program

    my next program is caled the bouncer it makes a line bounce around the screen just like a screen saver

    :ClrDraw (2nd+draw)
    :AxesOFF (2nd+catalog catalog is number 0)
    :15 sto A:35 sto B:1 sto C:1 sto D (sto means store beside number 1)
    : (no space betvene store and the
    :While 1 number or the letter)
    :A+C sto A:B+D sto B
    :Pxl-Change(A,B (2nd+catalog or 2nd+draw and go
    :If A=0:1 sto C (POINTS and scroll down)
    :If A=62:-1 sto C (the = is in 2nd test right under alpha)
    :If B=0:1 sto D (the -1 the - sighn is 2nd catalog and scroll up)
    :If B=94:-1 sto D

    i have like 5 mpre programs to show u and 9 on my calculator
    reply thx

    this next program is caled lower and it makes letter insted of capitals ABCD lower cased abcd


    :AsmPrgm (2nd+catalog then scroll down)

    to run the program go to 2nd+catalog and chose Asm( then after u chose it run the program

    thats all im showing for now plz do reply

    reply if its good or not plz

    oh and my qestion is do u know any programs?
    and could u whrite them down plz? thx
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    Sep 2008
    Mesnil, Mauritius
    Thats very good. Keep it up!

    Ur fuzzuz, right? You managed to get the TI emulation working?
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