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Thread: Whats best" way to store long formulas but not have them solve for you

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    Whats best" way to store long formulas but not have them solve for you


    I just joined & love the site. I'm an MBA student & use my TI-89 mostly for "business" type math like statistics, accounting, finance..., not the hard core stuff you guys are doing, thank god
    I've gone through 2 years of grad school & have not stored a single formula in my calculator like a total idiot. I've used it solely for calculations. Recently I've been spending more time creating cheat sheets for exams than preparing for them (we're allowed cheat sheets for all of our exams that require us to use any formulas). I also waste precious space on my sheet w/the huge formulas instead of having useful stuff.

    What's the best way to store the formulas? Should I create folders for each class & store them in each folder? Would I just create it in NoteFolio on my computer & then transfer it over or is there a better way?

    What about Financial formulas like Annuities, Perpuities, NPV... that I would want to just plug different values in each time. I know there are programs out there, do you know of any good ones worth using?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    I don't know about storing them, but you can always type the forumulas into it prior to the exam, then transfer it to a piece of paper. Cheap? maybe, but it works for me

    Just dont hit clear
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