Afterward so you want to get as much damage donít have any muscles because you can see you can recover to the most when you need rest yeah they're being a debag jet beyond there's no hope threshold and negative it's the sack early years but to the whole muscle fibers there is being ripped to shreds this screening that's why it hurts my screams Chris you point out for a smoke screen you want the muscle strains of scrutiny scale residents gathered whatever anybody says they set up for selling these videos Alpha Cut HD are the days your muscles and that's all the muscles release so we're not good returns we have so I wonder see I has one around the ones I'm going to jump on there in Asia yeah I just trying to get the sawdust now I recall it was a great way and then why is that the rest of his word now and I'm bad at all out my god I cry Isere best let's get this muscle us yeah he said for termination yeah I but you know it's it for me everyone has their own goals you know I bowl has never bad to do specifically just one thing yeah I what always continue I think itís think it's not smart to tire cell I'll never be as shy as.
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