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youtube: Complex Numbers, Vector Calculations, Matrix Calculations, Solve Systems, Graph Functions - YouTube
- Writes expressions in their mathematical form so that they look as on a blackboard or a textbook
- Basic and advanced calculations (trigonometric, series, numerical integrations, finding roots, converting values between rectangular, polar formís, etc)

- Complex numbers calculations

- Vector calculations (norm, unit vector, cross & dot products, angle two between vectors, scalar projection of vector onto another vector, vector projection of vector onto another vector, converting between polar, cylindrical, spherical, rectangular forms)

- Matrix calculations (identity matrix, determinant, transpose, inverse, rank, ref, rref, LU, QR, cumulativ, per row operations (swap, add, multiply, multiply and add), augment
- Solving systems of linear equations (systems can be exported as images or pdf files)

- Graphing up to 8 expressions (graphs can be exported as images or pdf files)

- Saving all calculations in history (history can be exported)

- 1200+ constants

- Storing and recalling data in/from memory slots or ANS(answer)

- 15 memory slots for storing data (can store real or complex numbers, vectors and matrices)

- Support for octal, hexadecimal and binary calculations