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Thread: [SOLVED] How do I make an equation out of a list of values?

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    [SOLVED] How do I make an equation out of a list of values?

    Hi guys, new to the forums. I've recently purchased a HP 50G for school use. I have a project, there's one part where I have a list of x and y value and I need to fit it into an equation (probably a cosine or sine equation). This calculator is so much different from the TI calculators we use in school, so I have no idea how to do it. I've checked the manual, and it didn't help at all. So can anyone tell me how to fit a list of values into an equation?

    Many Thanks.
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    Personally, I hate HP calculators. I used them at work for years. They're temperamental and not very user-friendly. At least, they used to be. Maybe improvements have been made.

    My griping notwithstanding, try finding regressions on your calculator. Maybe you can find an online manual like TI has.

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