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Thread: carbon emission savings formula

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    Feb 2013

    Lightbulb carbon emission savings formula

    Carbon emmisions formula - Reuse

    Hi I am looking for a way / a Formula to calculate carbon emission savings (carbon footprint) only by using the REUSE aspect

    I am sure that there are many parameters like materials of the item etc but I am after Just a generic formula that takes into account the item's weight

    I found the following links not sure if it helps :
    Waste hierarchy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Global Warming Mathematics
    Carbon Footprint Calculator - math details on how we do the calculations

    I am trying to create a PHP program that will output CO2 savings and Tree Savings (e.g you save x trees) from reuuse.

    Sorry I couldn't be more specific and this is a bit vague but any help will be much appreciated
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    Mar 2013

    Re: carbon emission savings formula

    Awesome! It's actually remarkable post, I have a got much clear idea concerning from this article.

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