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Thread: How would I enter the following in my TI-89...

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    Quote Originally Posted by saber3469 View Post
    how do I input the proper info on these problems on the ti-89 calculator

    the square rootof 32 - the sqaure root if 50xx

    how do i input the info for graphing on:

    2x + 3y+=6
    -8x - 12y =-24
    I think you hit the "submit" button a few too many times.

    What is 50xx?

    To graph the two equations, first solve both for y. Then you go to the "y = " screen and put them into y1 and y2. Then go to your "graph" screen.

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    To solve your linear equation, type in

    simultd([2,3;-8,-12],[6;-24]) then ENTER.

    You should get Error:Singular Matrix.

    That's because one is a multiple of the other. There both essentially the same.

    Another way is to use RREF([2,3,6;-8,-12,-24]).

    You should get a row of 0's at the bottom. That' no good.
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