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Thread: TI-89 Titanium Table Help

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    Oct 2010

    TI-89 Titanium Table Help

    Hey All,

    I'm a college freshmen, and I've just switched from the TI-84 to the TI-89 (titanium) to supplement me through calculus. I've been having some trouble with how to adjust to operating it, though. Mostly having trouble with the y= editor. So I guess I'll just list em off.

    How do I insert the Y1 variable into the home screen, there is no VARS key.

    I know this thing has a lot more capability than the 84, and I'm sure I'll be glad I'm using this when I get to higher levels of Calculus/Physics(I have to go through IV), but I need to learn how to use it first. Any plain-english reference or guides on how to use would also be appreciated.

    Since this also happens to be my first post I guess I'll give a short anecdote of myself. I'm a Physics-Japanese double major, I obviously like math, and my favorite author is Palahniuk. I'll try to help out in the calculus/precal/trig sections when I can.

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    Jun 2009
    What, exactly, are you trying to do ?
    To input an expressions for Y1, Y2, Y3, ... (prior to graphing ?), key in 'green diamond' followed by F1.
    If you want to move an expression from this screen to the Home screen, highlight it and then copy and paste.
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