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Thread: Some basic Ti-89 questions

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    Post Some basic Ti-89 questions

    Imagine that we have an equation like:
    Y+X=10 and wants us to make the Y of the subject, at this case this is the easy answer:
    So what I'm basically saying is, how do you do that by using the cal? for more complex equations?
    so how do you convert this Y+X=10 to Y=10-X using the calculator?

    And the other question asks:
    use graphic calculator to calculate the area bounded by the curves Y=3x+2 and Y=e^x-1?

    how do we find area bonded using ti-89?

    Many thanks!
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    Use the Solve when solving for a variable and use Integration when finding area.

    The Solve feature will be under the Algebra menu and the integration will be under the Calculus menu.

    Here is the manual:
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