I need a help with these questions can someone start them off for me and i can finish the rest

Find the accumulated amount for a term deposit of $1740 at 8%/a compounded quarterly after 11 years 6 months

Angie won $20 000 in the lottery. In 8 years she wants to have $9500 available for the trip of her life. How much money should she invest now at 10.5%/a compounded semi-annually to achieve her dream?

Find the amount of the annuity if $500 is invested at the end of every quarter for 6 years at 9.75%/a compounded quarterly.

The annual costs for maintaining a vacation property in Florida are about $2300 (Cdn) paid at the end of each year. Trent plans to set aside an amount today to pay for these annual costs for the next 8 years. If money is worth 9%/a compounded annually, what amount should Trent deposit today?