I'm reading and reading my textbook and it's just not sinking in. I don't get it, and there's too many categories. It overwhelms me and I don't understand it. Any help would be appreciated, even if you could just explain the rules or concepts better.

Personal consumption expenditures $245
Net foerign factor income 4
Transfer payment 12
Rents 14
Statistical discrepancy 8
consumption of fixed capital 27
social security consumption 20
interest 13
proprieters income 33
net exports 11
dividendes 16

consumptions of employees $223
taxes on production and imports 18
undistributed corporate profits 21
personal taxes 26
corporate income taxes 19
corporate profits 56
government purchases 72
net private domestic investments 33
personal saving 20

a-using the above data determine GDP by both the expenditures and the income appraches. Then determine NDP
b-Now determine NI in two ways: first by making the required additions or subtractions from NDP and second by adding up the types of income and taxes that make up NI
c-adjust NI (from part b) as required to obtain PI
d-Adjust PI (from part c) as required to obtain DI