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    Feb 2009


    Hi There,

    I am in a big dilemma, which I belive only a maths genius can help me with.

    I need to figure out a way to calculate the utilization for my team (helpdesk) whose primary job is to take calls and handle email requests in order to assign them to the concerned technical teams.

    These are the monthly data that I have

    1) number of requests handled by them,
    2) number of calls handled by them
    3) Number of hours they spent inside the office ( but that’s not a gurantee that they were doing any work at that time ) ideally they are supposed to spend minimum of 8 hrs at work in a 9.5 hrs shift.
    4) Number of sick leaves and days worked
    5) the time entry that they put while creating few reports which amounts to not more than few hours in a month
    6) Time entry on occasional non IT tickets for which they have to get answers for themselves (rare tickets)
    7) Negligible time entry on the tickets (compared to technicians) which is put on the tickets during follow-ups for on their status.

    Is it possible to use these details to come up with a decent utilization of the helpdesk agent in percentage?

    Please note: its not possible to record the number of minutes spend per phone call since they have to different extensions and also no such software is present with us.

    Please help
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    Aug 2007
    You should be working on your English. Pretty good, though.

    I'm sure you can work it out as you wish. What's your plan?
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