I need some help writing a math formula for accounting. I need to write a formula which shows how many tickets for a tour need to be sold for a company to break even and put it into MS Excel. I know that BE point =fixed+variable+profit, what I am having trouble is with the kind of product being sold, as it is not like a regular item with a fixed cost (buy a shoe at cost for $2 and sell if for $4 kind of thing) you would sell. The tickets are for a bus tour, so you have 5 customers per tour, 3 tours per hour, and you have to take into account gas and maintenance of the bus.

Given Information
Rent: $1000 per month
Insurance: $200 per month
Employee Salary: $2000 per month

Employee rate (only one hourly employee): $10 per hour
Fuel consumption: 15 gal/hour
Fuel price: $3.00 per gallon
Average maintenance for bus: $50 per hour

Price charged to customer: $100 per ticket
Average amount of customers per tour: 5
Average tours per hour: 3

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks