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Thread: Finaltial simulation game application

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    Aug 2008

    Financial simulation game application


    I am trying to figure out in a game simulator of merger and adquisitions some calculations. I am affraid to said that I have always be very bad at Maths and I subscribe to this forum to search for some help from people that math is easy to figure out.

    Let me start with a bit of background about the problem. This is a Merger and adquisition game. In the attached example you will find a case scenario for two players and two companies. The biggest company (the one with more value) remain and the smallest one dessapear after the merger. The shares are recalculated (GOD's know how) and both of the player will get a new set of shares after the merger and a bonus in cash.

    in the attached file you have an example with the actual calculations the system did. I can not figure out how the RED NUMBERS are calculated. I will appreciate if you could provide some guidance.

    thanks bouli
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