I'm searching for books on my topic.

I'm studying macroeconomic models. We are using Mankiws Macroeconomics book. However, Mankiw's book doesn't cover the aspects we're working on in class. We're working on topics like causal structure (analysis) of models and total differentiation.

A typical assignment would be something similar to (this is a simple one for the purpose of giving an example)...

Y = Y
Y = C + I + G + NX
C = a +b (Y - T), 0 < b < 1
I = c - dr, d > 0
CF = -k (r-r*), k > 0

Then the questions would be something like...

1. What types of equations are 1-4?
2. What does k represent in equation 5?
3. Analyse the causal structure of the model...
4. Solve the model using exogenous vars...
5. What happens for dG > 0?

Ok, if anyone knows of a book (or more books) that has any information on this topic, any information would be greatly appreaciated.

I've been searching Google - as many books are stored online in pdf-versions, but I haven't found anything. Maybe it is not called causal analysis and causal structure, but something else..?

Simon DK.