Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon this CES utility function, and I'd like to calculate the limit for $\rho \rightarrow 0$ of this function.
U = \sum_{t=0}^T \frac{1}{\gamma}(C_t^{-\rho} + \theta X_t^{-\rho})^{-\frac{\gamma}{\rho}},     \theta \neq 0
I know that with a "standard" CES Utility function of the form
U = \sum_{t=0}^T \frac{1}{\gamma}(\theta C_t^{-\rho} + (1 - \theta) X_t^{-\rho})^{-\frac{\gamma}{\rho}}
it is easy to do via L'H˘pital, and the limit is a Cobb-Douglas utility function.
Does anyone have an idea how to find the limit of the first equation ?
Has anyone seen such a CES utility function before?

Thanks a lot