Hello folks,

I'm trying to figure out the effect that inflation has on people who are working part-time because they couldn't find full time work. I need to compare that to people in the same situation in the 1980's.

So, I have the number of people working part time/total non-farm payrolls but I can't figure out what to use as an inflation metric. Using the CPI doesn't work as I was informed that using it for this purpose is mathematical gibberish. I guess I need a chart of the percentage of disposable income spent by that group on food and energy.

I need a chart of this going back to the mid 70's. Here is what I have so far: Graph: Employment Level - Persons At Work 1-34 Hours, Economic Reasons - Could Only Find Part-Time Work, All Industries (LNU02032196)/All Employees: Total nonfarm (PAYEMS) - FRED - St. Louis Fed