Hi There,

I have a problem were I have 3 components and in total all three components are comprised to create a unit value of 1.

Each component has a different value (which is dynamic and can grow or decrease at any point in time) and I would like to apply a weighting to each component based on how rare that component is compared to the others at any given moment in relation to the value 1.

Component A) appears 1024 times
Component B) appears 512 times
Component C) appears 2217.78 times

So as the numbers stand at this point in time, component B in this scenario would be the rarest and most valuable, it would probably have a value of something like .60 in relation to a total unit value of 1, component A would be in the middle with a value of .30 and component C would be the most common and least valuable with a value of .10.

Conceptually this is what I am trying to achieve, but I have no idea how to actually work it out and make it dynamic.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,