From what I've seen, it looks as if there are four different journal entries for Purchases Returns and Allowances.

First, let's break down that number four into two categories:
1. One is for the perpetual inventory system
2. One is for the periodic inventory system

According to my textbook, there seems to only be one entry for both the periodic system and the perpetual system, according to the information they provide. However, does a "return" or an "allowance" make the entries different?? OS there any difference between a return and an allowance, or are they the same entry??

One of the problems I had actually had to do with Sales Returns and Allowances, and there was a different entry for a Sales RETURN and a Sales ALLOWANCE. This was for the perpetual system:

Sales RETURN Journal entry:

Sales R& A (Dr)
A/R (Cr)

Merchandise Inventory DR
Cost of Goods Sold CR

Sales ALLOWANCE Journal entry:

Sales R&A Dr
A/R Cr

The answers above are what I received for the PERPETUAL inventory system. Someone might look at this and say, "Nope, the entry where you debit Sales R&A and credit A/R with no second entry, is for the periodic system.

However, my teacher gave that answer, only one entry,
(Sales R&A DR and A/R CR)
for a problem similar to this:

"Granted an allowance of $50 to members for golf clothing that did not fit properly."

My question is, was my teacher incorrect??? It seemed she only gave an answer for the allowance, not just a return.

Or was it that there are different entries for a RETURN and an allowance??? That you differentiate between a return and an allowance??

If so, what is/are the entries for Purchase returns and allowances, for both the perpetual and periodic system????

Are there difference between a return and an allowance???

Could someone list the entries to the four following possibilities: (even if they are the same??)

1. Purchase return for perpetual inventory system

2. Purchase allowance for perpetual inventory system

3. Sales Return for perpetual system

4. Sales allowance for periodic system