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Labour force and production function...

A company’s labour force is composed of three categories. Firstly, there are unskilled workers, described with the symbol L1, displaying low productivity, employed at packing and loading the baked pies. Then, the firm employs skilled workers, described with the symbol L2, displaying high productivity, employed and the actual making of the pies. Finally, the business is managed by skilled administrative personnel, described with the symbol L3, displaying moderate productivity, employed at all kinds of administrative tasks. Below you will find three possible, logarithmic formulae of the company’s production function. Choose the right one and write an argumentation of
500 – 700 words, to justify your choice..

a)ln(Y)=ln(K^a )+ln(L1^b1 )+ln(L2^b2 )+ln(L3^b3 )+ln(A) a>0;b2>b3>b1>0

b)ln(Y)=ln(K^a )+ln(L1^b1 )+ln(L2^b2 )+ln(L3^b3 )+ln(A) a>0;b3>b2>b1>0

c)ln(Y)=ln(K^a )+ln(L1^b1 )+ln(L2^b2 )+ln(L3^b3 )+ln(A) a>0;b1>b2>b3>0