So, here we are in month number four of 2012. We can still consider this the beginning of the year right? Another year gone by and here come the business pledges that "this year, things will run better, and we will become increase our profits!" The one simple question that remains is... why? Why will things be better in 2011? Will it be because you have a new attitude? Seriously, is that going to have a dramatic impact? Perhaps, but probably not. Sure, but how long can you really sustain that? Are you going to start using better tools and newer technologies? If so, you're on the right track. Try drilling a screw with screw driver Now try using an electric drill instead. Significantly easier and more efficient isn't it? Well, this is exactly how businesses most react to new technology tool in the marketplace. Speed and accuracy is crucial. Technology tools are all around us. We can communicate instantly, get answers as needed, and deliver faster than ever. What is the true benefit and is this just a major distraction? Having access to technology tools may offer nothing more than increased inefficiency if used incorrectly. Having a long list of technology tools at your disposal is equal to having a box of toys if they are not maximized properly. The demands on your time and the demands from customers are greater than ever and yet the financial gain does not necessarily go along with it.
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