Antidepressants are a popular treatment choice for those with moderate or severe depression. Although antidepressants may not cure depression, they can reduce your symptoms. The first antidepressant you try may work fine. But if it doesn't relieve your symptoms, or it causes side effects that bother you, you may need to try another. But don't give up. A number of antidepressants are available, and chances are you'll be able to find one that works well for you. Finding the right antidepressant risperdal max dose There are a number of antidepressants available that work in slightly different ways and have different side effects. Most work equally well to relieve depression, so choosing the right one generally involves subtle differences. When prescribing an antidepressant that's likely to work well for you, your doctor may consider Purchase Antidepressants Online trazodone for depressionparoxetine er side effectsbupropion restless leg syndromecymbalta indicationspamelor migraine panic attacks and zolofteffexor weightget seroquelvenlafaxine hcl xramitriptyline tabfluoxetine and side effectspaxil overdose suicideolanzapine attorneys californiacelexa versus lexaprozoloft memory problemseffexor problemportable light therapy for depressioneffexor and cymbaltaprozac suicideswitching from cymbalta to tofranilweaning off wellbutringeodon given ivcymbalta diarrheageodon haldolabilify lawsuitlong term prozac use