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Thread: Simultaneous variable Solution Help

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    Jun 2011

    Question Simultaneous variable Solution Help

    I have been trying to figure out how to essentially be a hedge fund sports bettor via placing two simultaneous bets, so that if either one wins, I profit. I have come up with what I believe to be the base formulas to solve the for what I am looking for but I have no idea how to set up the subsequent equations to solve back through the others.


    USA to win money line is -190 ex: $19 Bet Pays $10 Profit

    The Draw money line is +265 ex: $10 Bet Pays $26.50 Profit

    This is represented by the following equations respectively

    A*(100/(absolute value of B)) = C
    A*(100/190) = C for the above example

    X*Y/100 = Z
    X*265/100 = Z for the above Example

    Now in order to be Profitable I need to make sure that either bet pays better than equal money Represented by the following equation:

    C-X = Z-A = 10

    Variables Defined:
    A = Bet amount on the negative money line
    B = A known VARIABLE, The Value of the negative money line ie: -800, -125 etc.
    C = Profit of negative money line payout only
    X = Bet amount on plus money line
    Y = A known VARIABLE, The value of the plus money line ie: +265, +500 etc.
    Z = Profit of plus money line payout only

    I have gotten close with a guess and check method that takes but a few minutes but time is money. For ease I have included it here.

    $80 on USA Pays $42
    $34 on the Draw Pays $90
    If USA wins I profit $8
    If a Draw I profit $10

    So what I want to know is what is or are the secondary equations that allow me to solve each of the first equations to be able to net a $10 profit?

    Obviously this seem excessive for $10 profits, however I have used small monies for ease of math. Please any help would be appreciated.

    Thx in Advance
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    Re: Simultaneous variable Solution Help

    Hi TJ

    I can kind of see what you are doing but need some more information.

    So this is a sporting event that the USA are competeing in? And there van be a draw? How many other countries compete at one time? What is the sport?

    I have a feeling there will be no solution to your problem. As if there was betting agencies themselves whould've been out of business a long time ago.
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    Jun 2011

    Re: Simultaneous variable Solution Help

    Well its soccer, so a lot of teams at one time, but only two per game obviously. This is a betting system for single games only, and in actuality there are three possible outcomes of every game.
    Team 1 win
    Team 2 win
    The idea is to be able to bet two of three and still be profitable.

    So a typical Line might look like

    USA -500
    Draw +325
    China +1250

    By betting the favorite and the draw you protect yourself in case the favorite screws up. Sure its still possible to lose if the dog wins, hence the reason the casino takes these bets. I tried to substitute back for the variables but when I did it, I came out with something like C=C, and its like well, yea..... but thats not helpful. somewhere along the lines I think i screwed up.
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