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Thread: Sales Volume Index

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    Jun 2011

    Sales Volume Index

    Hello !

    Thanks for the great forum and resources. This is my first post here.

    I have the following question:

    I have searched and googled it well but coudn't find the meaning of Sales Volume Index.

    The following figures are given:

    Sales Volume Index---100------------------110------------------121

    Can someone please tell me how they calculated the sales volume index ?

    Thank you for your kind support.
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    May 2010

    Re: Sales Volume Index

    You can define an index however you like. From the name in the question i would guess that it is:

    $\displaystyle index = \frac{\text{Numer of units sold in current Year}}{\text{Number of unis sold in 2000}} \times 100$

    There is not enough information in your post to see if this is actually the method used (price information is missing).
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