Hi all,

Right.. I have been given an A-level ICT task to complete which involves producing an answer that will later be placed into an excel spreadsheet. Basically the question I have is as follows: "if a supermarket has 20 tills, how would I work out the minimum number of tills needed open per hour, if a maximum of 4 customers are allowed to be queuing at 1 till at a time". I know the following figures:
  • The average staff member can scan 1552 items per hour.
  • The average customer purchases 60 items per hour.
  • There are 147 customers per hour.

so is anybody can use those figures to determine the number of tills which need to be open with no more than 4 customer per till at any 1 time. Any help will be great, especially if you can post the steps you took to get to the final result.

Thanks in advance,