In the following questions: b=6, c=4, d=5, B0=7000, K1=5 and k2=9

You are dealing with an investment and you know that your return BT at time T is random. Calculate your expected (averaged) return if the distribution of BT is:

(i) Binomial (15, 1/3)
(ii) The same Binomial, left truncated at value 1.
(iii) Poisson with parameter $\displaystyle \lambda$=c+1 and left truncated at 1 and right truncated at 9.
(iv) Uniform on the interval (3,11).
(v) Exponential with parameter $\displaystyle \lambda$=d+1, left truncated at 2 and right truncated at 7.

Help with any of these parts would be much appreciated.... i have never encountered business math before so im pretty stumped!