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Thread: Biz plan projetcion help

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    Mar 2010

    Biz plan projetcion help

    >>>>>>>>>>>>I REPOSTED THIS in Pre-Algebra/algebra because I think that I was not too clear and I gave more info....and maybe this is more an algebra problem Please go there to help me.


    I am lost on what to do here. I know that I knew long time ago but i just cant remember now.

    I am doing business plan projections on an excel spreadsheet.

    I have 7 years of MONTHLY sales figures.

    I want to use the same figures but do several different projections like what if I can do better than I expect and can do 7 years of these sales in 5 years. or 6 years. or whatever.

    So the data is simple. The sales have some fluctuations so they do not go in a straight line.

    month sales amount
    1 5000
    2 8000
    3 7000
    4... 8500

    and so on for 84 months or 7 years.

    Thank you for your help

    Work Done
    I currently have the variable expenses and other items set up to adjust for the new sales figure... but I do not know how to logically adjust the number of years to goal for the sales figure itself easily.
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    Right I'll reply in this one so that it gets bumped to the top and the other one you posted stays unanswered so other folk will look at it...

    Let's just clarify what you're asking first...

    Lets say you took the following amounts in 4 months.

    Month Amount
    -- 1 --- 1000
    -- 2 --- 2000
    -- 3 --- 1500
    -- 4 --- 1800

    Total = 6300

    And you want to know how to scale it down so that can see how much you would need to earn each month if you wanted the same final total in say, 3 months. Right?

    I can't formalize a way yet but I'll show you what I'm thinking...

    Have a look at the picture attached.

    Each box on the graph represents the monthly takings. (We'll call these old month)

    The boxes below the graph represent the new rescaled months. (Call these new months)

    What to do is look at each new month and see what each box covers, this is how much you need to earn that month...

    So, the amount you need to earn for month 1 is...

    $\displaystyle 1000 + \frac{1}{3} \times 2000$

    For month 2...

    $\displaystyle \frac{2}{3} \times 2000 + \frac{2}{3} \times 1500$

    For month 3

    $\displaystyle \frac{1}{3} \times 1500 + 1800$

    How did I do this? Draw lines up from the new months boxes up to the graph and you'll see for example, new month 1 covers all of old month 1's amount + a fraction of old month 2's amount.

    Do this with the rest of the new months and you get how much you need for each new month.

    Just as a check, if I add up the above totals I get...

    $\displaystyle 1000 + \frac{1}{3} \times 2000 + \frac{2}{3} \times 2000 + \frac{2}{3} \times 1500 + \frac{1}{3} \times 1500 + 1800 = 6300$

    I'll try and formulate a way for you to do this quickly with your large scale one...
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    Mar 2010

    thanks so far

    Thanks for your work so far.

    I thought this was going to be simpler than what it is. I have asked 6 math people so far and got 2 different answers from 2 of them and basically "I don't knows" from 4.

    I would appreciate a formula if there is one. As I want to do various scenarios .
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