I figured out how to set the window for the problem that I posted this afternoon on effective annual interest rate but it does not show up on the graph. I have a TI-84 plus calculator and I pushed MODE and selected seq, then window and used the settings the problem gave 1, 365 for n, 0,365 for x, and 10 and 10.6 for y. The next thing I did was use the command Eff( on the FINANCE menu by pressing APPS ENTER ALPHA [C] and I entered Eff(10,n) = 10.515557816, Then I pressed Y= and then for u(n) I pluged in 10.515557816 and then pressed GRAPH, The graph showed a straight line and I am sure this is not right but I do not know what else I should put in the u(n) window, the only values are 10.515557816 and the rest are blank. Does anyone out there have any Idea what I am missing??
Thank You,
Keith Stevens