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    Dont know if this is the right forum for this.

    I have a perplexing problem for which I believe only a mathematic whiz can provide a solution

    I have a team who are into call taking (ie they handle incoming calls)

    My delima is to find out their utilization effectively.

    Our company requires that a person contribute around 192 hours a month. calculated as 24 days or 22 working days in a month multiplied by 8 hours a day ( 24x8= 192 hrs)

    My people on an average take around 1000 calls a month each and I estimate that they spend approx 5 mins per call

    Based on that I derived at this formula - 1000 (calls) x 5 (mins) divided by 60 (min) to get the conversion in hours - so if a person takes 1000 calls then he/she gets 83.33 hours a month.

    But this is where my delima lies

    1) Is this method of calculation correct ?

    2) as you can see by this method - they fall short by around 100 hours - even though I know that they have been utilized more- this method shows that they are under utilized - any help or suggestion welcome

    Please help
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    That's a decent way to calculate things, but don't forget about documentation time, the few seconds between calls before the next one comes, etc. You are also assuming no breaks of any type and that your cloud is distributing calls back to back without delay. Make sure your average call time is as accurate as possible to get a better idea of utilization rates.

    A person taking 1000 calls over 22 working days in a month is taking 45.45 calls per day. At 5 minutes for each call, they spend 227.27 minutes, or 3.78 hours on calls throughout the day. So, 4.21 hours of the day are spent doing...? But again, this is based on 1000 being correct, 22 working days being the average (what about sick/vacation days?), and 5 minutes per call being correct. That's a lot of variables that need to be scrutinized before accepting that 4.21 hours per day are wasted by each employee.

    I would vehemently encourage that you check the underlying assumptions before drawing any conclusions.
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