A University is considering giving life insurance coverage to all students in good standing. To test this idea, the university decides to insure for one year all students who will be both 20 years old and in good standing on January 1, 2010 (that is, the insurance will expire on January 1, 2011). The insurance provides for a payment of 1 unit to the studentís beneficiary only if the student dies during the year. Assume that the probability of death during the year for each student is given by the value of q20 in the U.S. Life Table in Chapter 3. If the university sets aside 12.33 units to cover 7,148 students, what is the probability that there will be enough money to pay all the death claims? (Use the normal approximation.) (Answer: 90%)

I know you obviously don't have the US Life Table, but if anyone could just help me set this up it would be really helpful! Thank you!