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Thread: any easy method

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    Aug 2009

    any easy method

    If x(x+4)(2x-15)(x-1)(x+2) = 0, then what is the product of maximum and minimum value of x?

    I could find it by multiplying all and finding the root but i there a easy way to find the roots or multiply between brackets ..or by seeing this equation can i deduce that 0 is min value so product will be zero main question is how to find the max and min of a given equation
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    Aug 2009
    If I have understood the question correctly,

    If x(x+4)(2x-15)(x-1)(x+2)=0

    The values of x satisfying the equation are clearly 0,-4,1,15/2 and -2

    The lowest value of x is thus =-4
    and the maximum value turns out to be 15/2

    Their product will be -30?
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    Jul 2007
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    I'm not sure if I understand the question correctly but if I do you set each factor equal to 0. So x= -4,-2,0,1,7.5. Now just multiply highest and lowest value.
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