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Thread: Finding number between 0-99

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    Aug 2009

    Finding number between 0-99


    I have a very unique question that has alot of ands, ifs & buts. I am not looking for a definitive answer, because there isn't one. Just want some logical methods from the math guru's!

    The problem: There are 11 sliders, each from 0 to 99. Each slider has an optimum number. Depending on how close to perfect you are there is an overall percentage.

    You have 10 chances of getting to 100% (Perfect). There are hints (Low/High) for each slider to help you on your first chance. You may get 0 to 3 suggestions on what to change after your first attempt, either decrease or increase the slider (You wont get any suggestion other then the intial hints on the 1st attempt).

    Example: Hints
    Slider 1 = High Slider 2 = High Slider 3 = Low Slider 4 = High Slider 5 = Low Slider 6 = High Slider 7 = High Slider 8 = Low Slider 9 = Low Slider 10 = Low Slider 11 = High
    Slider 1 = 75 Slider 2 = 75 Slider 3 = 25 Slider 4 = 75 Slider 5 = 25 Slider 6 = 75 Slider 7 =75 Slider 8 = 25 Slider 9 = 25 Slider 10 = 25 Slider 11 = 75

    I figure selecting between the Hints bound would be logical. Maybe its not & I can't explain why I think it is logical, but I think it is!?!?

    So after the 1st run you get 78% perfect. You also get 3 suggestions. Slider 3 25> Slider 7 <75 & slider 10 <25.

    I was using a simple formula that I know isn't mathmatically correct, but it worked (Most of the time). (100-percent)/suggestions - so in this circumstance it would be (100-78)/3 = 7 (rounded). So I would move each slider by 7.

    What would be the most logical method of chaging the slider for those suggestions?

    I know the question is rather odd in itself, I hope its an interesting question nonetheless. If you need me to explain in any more detail please ask & I will do so.

    Thanks for reading & look forward to reading your own methods
    Guy M
    p.s I wasn't sure what section to post this question in. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    May 2006
    Your problem sounds interesting...need some clarifications.

    1)After 1st run, you get 78% correct. How do we know how much % correct?

    2)Are the hints provided only after 1st attempt? And suggestions?
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    Aug 2009
    After each run you get told the percent. The percent does not show to any decimal places.

    As for hints, well they are a little misleading, some are not correct. You get the hints before the first run. Mostly though we could just ignore the hints & be random on the first run. Whats more important is the method of moving each slider to obtain the optimum or as close as possible to optimum.

    I Found an Optimum on one slider & changed it by 50. The percent change was 9%. I then tested it a little more & moved one slider by 11 & ofcourse got a 2% change, 22 is 4% change & so on.

    If you have 90% perfect, leaves you 10%, which I assume would leave a total of 55 movement in the sliders.

    Like I said above, there isn't a definitive answer. Just wanted some opinions on a logical method of changing the sliders.

    Thanks for the reply,

    EDIT: New method:
    Knowing that changing an optimum 50 points is a -9% change. Therefore I am able to change a slider by 50, depending on the percent change will depend on the next step.

    If I have a slider at 40 & then change it to 90 & get a -4% change in percent we know that 0% change would be 90-22 (22 point move is a 4% change). So the Low & Upper bounds of 0% change would be 40 & 68, so we can assume that the max amount of % gain is inbetween, 54.

    I know this can probably be fine tuned & made mathmatically correct, but maths isn't my strong point so I don't know.
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