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Thread: questions driving me nuts!!!

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    May 2009

    Unhappy questions driving me nuts!!!

    Hi i have 15 math question which i have been trying to solve but i dont seem to be able to do so..i really need these question solved as they are from a past mathematics questions book and i would be sitting for a math exam very soon.I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO HELP ME ANSWER ALL ,JUST HELP ME OUT OKAY

    1. 2 places A and B on the equator are in longitudes 20 W and 18 E respecytively. calculate correct to the nearest 100km th distance between A and B along ythe equator. (Take π = ∕7 )

    2 . differentiate (cosΘ - sin Θ) with respect to Θ.

    3 if one factor of x-8****ֿ** is x-2**ֿ,the other is ....

    4.convert 111.111 from binary number to denary

    5 .simplify *a-b (numerator)/ a⅓ - b⅓ (denominator)

    6 . factorise x + 2x - 5x - 6

    7.simplify - 1 (2 - ⅔)

    8 . solve the equations 3x - y + 1 = 2x + y + 2 = 3x+2y+1 (numerators)/
    3 5 6(denominators)

    9 .resolve 2x - 3x - 10∕ (x + 2)(x - 9)

    10 . if α and β are acut angles such that sin α = ∕5 tan β = 5∕12.findthe value of sin(α +β )

    11 . the motion of a body is defined by S = 3t - 2t - 3,where S denotes th displacement after the time t seconds.find the acceleration after t = 5seconds

    12. evaluate lim (x-2)(x + 3x - 2) numerator / x - 4 denominator
    x→ 2

    13.if secΘ = 1.5, find sinΘ and cot Θ respectively.

    14.the base of a rectangular block is a square ,side cm, and its volume is 200cm .find the function(fx) which represenst in square cm the total area of the faces of the block

    15. A solid metal cuboid has a dimension 18cm by 10cm by 7cm.It is melted down completely and recast into a solid right circular cone of radius 10cm. calculate the height of the cone .(π = ∕7)
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    Aug 2008
    We will surely help you out after you post where you got stuck..try to show what you tried.
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