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    Aug 2008


    Two towns are 165 km apart. A car and a bus start travelling towards each other from their respective towns. The car moves 10 km/h faster than the bus. If they pass each other in 1.5 hours after they began their respective journeys, find the speed of each vehicle.

    I'm guessing I have to use the formula:

    average speed = (distance travelled)/(time taken)

    But I'm not sure...well any help on the above will be appreciated!
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    May 2009

    two town speed solution

    So, for the car, v+10=d/1.5 and for the bus v=(165-d)/1.5

    The car travels with velocity 10 km/h faster, so it has velocity v+10 while the bus has velocity v. Then one vehicle travels some distance d and the other travels 165-d since they are driving toward each other and the distance between the town, d+165-d=165km. Solving those two equations, v=50 so v+10=60 so the car travels at 60 and the bus at 50 km/h
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