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1.Factorize the expressions p(n)= n2 n for 2,3,4,5,.Determine if the expression is always divisible by the corresponding x. if divisible use mathematical induction to prove ur results by showing whether P( k+1) P (k) is always divisible by x. using appropriate technology ,explore more cases, summarize ur results and make a conjecture for when nx-n is divisible by x.

2. Explain how to obtain the entries in Pascals triangle. And using appropriate technology, generate the first 15 rows. State the relationship between the expressions

P (k+1) P (k) and the Pascals triangle. Reconsider Ur conjecture and revise if necessary.

Write an expression for the xth row of Pascals triangle, you will have noticed that
(xr) =k, k N. Determine when k is a multiple of x.

3. Make conclusions regarding the last result in part 2 and the form of proof by induction used in this assignment. Refine ur conjecture if necessary, and prove it.

4. State the converse of ur conjecture. Describe how u would prove whether or not the converse holds.

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