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Thread: [SOLVED] Calculate at Difference %

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    Apr 2009

    [SOLVED] Calculate at Difference %

    I am hoping somebody can help I am assuming this is very simple but I just can't think of a way to perform the below calculation to work in all circumstances. Number of amounts at a rate

    Amount IF Shared % Rate Pay
    12.55 12.55 88.75 11.14

    To calculate the above using the pay amount at a different rate I can do Amount*NewRate/%Rate

    The issue I have is if the Amount is shared

    Amount IF Shared % Rate Pay
    53.47 10.69 16.75 8.96

    How can I calcuate the above at a new rate if I use the Amount*NewRate/%Rate figure is higher than the initial pay of 8.96

    A system auto generates the the figures above at a set rate therefore I cannot amend the data.

    Can somebody help!!!!!
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    Apr 2009
    Sorry I've done this I was trying to think to complex it was easy
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